Event F.A.Q

Q: When do the gates open?

A: Gates for Shakedown Ranch open at 12:00 NOON on event day and are open until noon of the last event day.

Q: Where do we park?

A: Public parking is permitted outside the gate only. You can park in the lot at the gate trailer area until full, or on the road.  There will be no parking beyond the gate area on site to avoid congestion of the road for the public walking and emergency services.   Bands will be allowed vehicles in the stage loading area only ( inside the orange fenced area )

Q: How do I get my tickets?

A: All tickets avail at our designated locations and at www.shakedownranch.com via pay pal and exchanged for a wristband at the gate. Tickets are Will call only Available at the gate with proof of purchase and ID.

Q: Can we leave the festival grounds and re-enter?

A: Yes, but you will need to go through the main entrance each time you leave and return. To re-enter you will need your wristband.

Q: What will you be providing?

A: On-site provisions will include, washrooms, port a potties, designated water stations, first aid medical unit, Ice, Food concessions (of many dietary preferences), Arts & Crafts will be available for sale from official vendors. This is a rain or shine event. Pack for possible inclement weather.

Q: What emergency services will be available on site? What should I do if I need emergency assistance (medical, towing, locksmith, etc.)?

A: There will be 24 hour security and EMT’s. If you need emergency medical attention, contact the nearest security official, go to the medical tent, ask a Shakedown Ranch staff member or volunteer or check at the merchandise booth for assistance.

Q: Where should I go if I lose my keys, my wallet or my friends? What should I do if I find someone’s stuff?

A: The Lost and Found will be located at the Shakedown Ranch merchandise tent until after the show Sunday night. We suggest you bring an extra key to your car and/or your key code – this makes getting a replacement should yours be lost a lot easier.

Q: Will pets be allowed in the venue / camp grounds?


Q: Can I bring my RV?

A: Yes. There is a designated RV area just outside the concert venue though it does NOT have hookups. You must purchase a RV Pass in advance to bring your RV on site., At the gate, General Admission RV Passes will be $25

Q: What will we be allowed to bring into the campgrounds?

A: You can bring your own food, beverages (but NO glass), and gear into the campground areas. Acoustic music is welcome. Campfires are permitted in designated areas only!

Q: What can I bring into the stage area?

A: You can bring everything that’s allowed in the campgrounds into the stage area, except your tent. We suggest bringing water and something to sit on. Backpacks, lawn chairs, blankets, drinks are all OK, however please use plastic cups, NO GLASS will be allowed in the stage area or campgrounds.

Q: Will there be any electricity in the camping area?

A: No,  please make sure any electronic devices are fully charged.

Q: How is cell phone service at Shakedown Ranch

A: There are numerous cell phone towers in the area so service should be consistent.

Q: How far is the concert venue from the camping areas?

A: All camping areas are within easy walking distance of the concert field; some are within view of the stage.

Q: What is the taping policy going to be?

A: Shakedown Ranch allows audio only recordings of the event. A “Tapers Section” will be provided with limited area, first come, until full basis. Soundboard patches are NOT PERMITTED. Please be self-sufficient (bring your own batteries & power) and be respectful of patrons and sound crew.

At any time, Shakedown Ranch may change, modify or close the Taper Section without warning if problems arise. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Q: Will cameras be allowed in the concert (venue) area?

A: Generally yes. Avoid using your flash – most bands find it distracting and the flash won’t help you in concert photography conditions anyway.

Q: What types of vendors will be there?

A: The Shakedown Street Vendor Villages will showcase clothes, jewelry, special imports, and other cool stuff. There will also be concessions of beverages, and good-eats.

Q: Are kids allowed admission?

A: Yes, children are allowed provided they are accompanied by an adult. Children under 12 are free admission.

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